Got your Pom Maker? Share your fluffy side!


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  1. Is there so kind of kit to get Pom maker? I am missing something.

  2. Can I get complete product like pompom panda,kitty,puppy, bunny extra for selling purpose. Please upgrade .

  3. I watched a video using the Pom maker . She was making an adorable bunny. So I had to find you. I see others have asked the same question as me. Can you get a starter kits for the panda ? I loved the panda,bunny,dog. I looked at the Pom makers & just got so confused . I know I’d want the large one . Past that I have no idea what’s the difference between all of them. I already have stuff to do felting. Can educate me on this please?

    • Hi Elisabeth
      Thank you for visiting us! On each tutorial page, we put ‘what you need’ section (just above the video embed) where you can find the tools and supplies for each design – hope that’s useful. For all animal pompoms, we use Medium size pom maker (Donut Pom Maker) and aran weight yarn in our shop (you can also use DK weight).
      Thank you!

  4. Okay, am l just not doing this right? I’m trying to see how l can buy one of these pom makers, but no matter what l click on, (shop) I’m never redirected anywhere! I would love to make bunny POM’s for all my bunny friends but how do l get it? I’d appreciate some help!

  5. Can you buy in store, or only on line do you have any books

  6. Hi, my names Rose Reuter. Is there a tatorial for making horses and if not is it possible to make one.

  7. Hi, I’ve just received my Pom Maker and ordered some merino wool so that I can get started on my new Pom making projects. I justcwantedvto say that the packaging is so lovely that Pom makers would be lovely to give as a gift. I love 5e little storage bag too. Not sure which animal Pom I’ll make first as I’m spoilt for choice.

  8. Could we have a deer pattern please. I am also hoping you will have some Christmas ideas soon. Thanks

  9. This is lovely. Thank you! Great fun to make. ????

  10. This is lovely. Thank you. ????

  11. Love it! Received my medium size Pom maker, the packaging alone is so pretty!
    Will buy more items from your company!
    Your attention to detail is amazing. Just a suggestion, what if you enclosed a mini
    get started project book with your first order?

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