How to make a pom pom dog (Bichon Frise)

Learn how to make an easy yarn pom pom puppy with Pom Maker


How to make a pom pom dog
(Bichon Frise)

Learn how to make an easy yarn pom pom puppy with Pom Maker

In this tutorial, you can learn how to make your own pom pom pet dog just with some yarn (no plastic eyes or nose to glue on) as well as how to add a cute tongue with an easy step, useful for any animal pompoms.

For our first pom pom puppy, we’re making a dog similar to Bichon Frise – the super cute ball of fluff with a perfect round head, simple facial features and always seen with a pink tongue sticking out. It’s the easiest of the dog breeds to make!

What you need



Follow our detailed tutorial below for making a yarn pom pom dog 


Make the Nose

Wrap approx 10 counts of black yarn in the middle – just off center.  
Tightly in a small spot.


Above the nose

Wrap white yarn next to the black, on the longer side where you’ll be adding the eyes. 

Wrap to the same or similar thickness to the black nose. This creates the space between the two eyes.


Two button eyes

Wrap some black yarn slightly above the nose, on top of the white yarn. About 10 times if you’re using Aran weight. Wrap tightly in one small spot.


Pink tongue

Now simply add a short piece of pink roving yarn under the nose, equal to one wrap. You can hold the ends for now because it’s not actually wrapped. 

If you’re using normal weight pink Aran or DK yarn, you can wrap a few times in one spot so you have enough yarn to felt later to create a little tongue.


Rest of the face

Now wrap plenty of white yarn all over to cover everything until your Pom Maker is almost full for a dense & fluffy look.

Wrap the other half of your Pom Maker in white. Match the volume of the first half.


Tie & cut

Cut all the way around. Tie it strongly and tightly with waxed thread.

If you want detailed steps for this, please check out our other posts, especially ‘the best way to tie a pom pom’.



There’s one main area to trim for this cute dog pom pom. Trim off the eye area (the black eyes and a white area between them) as marked in pink in the photo.

Cut this area as short as you can and trim any long black yarns sticking out around the eyes with small scissors. Trim in detail to make them look round.


Little bit of felting

Poke your felting needle through the yarn towards the center of the nose. This will help shape and fix the nose area. You don’t need to felt it much. Poke here and there until the yarns in this area are slightly bonded together and stay in shape.

Be very careful with your fingers when using the felting needle! Always do it slowly and gently.


Felting the tongue

Hold the pink yarn for the tongue with one hand and poke gently from the sides to bond the fibers.

Trim the end to a round shape.


Extra trim

Trim some yarn under the tongue and also under the nose.

It’s always a good idea to trim in detail around the eyes and nose.

If you’d like your dog to have that just-left-the-hairdresser look, trim the outer fur into a neat round shape. Otherwise, just leaving it as a shaggy looking puppy in need of a haircut is also very cute!


Your new pet pom pom dog!

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  1. When you say wool do you mean yarn
    If so can you use acrylic

    • We use wool yarn but you can also use acrylic yarn : )

      • Do you sell your pompoms?

  2. It’s amasing!!! I loved!!!

    • Thank you! : )

    • i know i tried but your the best

  3. Brilliant where can I buy the pompom makers in the uk.

    • You can buy from our shop > uk.pommaker.com (see the Shop > International on the top menu) Thanks! ^ ^

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  5. Awesome!! in the video we saw something with a cloth, is this an extra trick to get off fuzz?? just curious ;P

    • It’s just a piece of masking tape : ) used to take the fluff off to clean up!

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  11. can you use the macaron pom maker to make animal pom poms?

    • Yes you can! The pompom will be smaller, you can use DK or finer yarn instead of aran weight.

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