Hug A Pom Pom!

Pom Pom Valentine's Day Cards

Enjoy this easy kids craft project to make Valentine's Day Cards with simple pom poms

Teamed up with the awesome  Mr Printables site, we have created some super easy and cute animal Valentine’s day cards for kids to make. All with free printable templates and cute Valentine pun messages!

Pompom making is great craft for the little ones too. While practicing fine motor skills with some help from parents, they will be delighted to see the final pompoms coming out of the Pom Maker.

Of course older kids can make pompoms like pros and can make a batch in no time for a whole class for their Valentine’s Day.

Scroll down for the full instruction and downloads!

What you need

Pom Maker (medium or small size), Printed Templates (downloads below) , Wool Yarn

Scissors, Waxed Thread (optional), Glue



Pom-pom Size Guide


Based on using our medium size Pom Maker, you can make pompoms for these cards by:
– Wrapping approx. 30 counts each half with super chunky weight yarn. This is a great option for smaller kids.
– Wrapping approx. 150 times per each half with aran weight yarn.


Download and print the templates.
Cut out and draw your own bunny & bear faces on them. You can simply draw with a felt pen like we did, or add more colors, nice clothes and accessories with coloring pencils, stickers…anything!


Fold them in half so the animals can sit down. 

Glue their hands together. You can decide where to glue by checking the size with the pompom you’ve made. You can make a comfy hug, or you could squeeeeeze your pompom!


Add the message card to their arms with some string. There’s a shortage of wool/pom/yarn puns out there. Tell us yours in the comments below if you yarn for some!

We used 100% wool yarns, no nylon here, because you don’t want to send a message like ‘I nylonger love you…’!


Add your pompom into the arms. The animals are now ready to deliver your woolly lovely gift to your favorite friends and secret crush (If they’ll let go of it that is….)

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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  2. So cute !!

  3. Very adorable!

  4. Oh are these ever adorable looking pompom holders???? Definitely a must make! Thanks bunches ????

  5. Thank you, I love it.

  6. Do i need one of the wooden pom pom rings to be able to make a pom pom. Is there a homemade way of making the ring

  7. Oh my! These are totally gorgeous! Thank you for sharing ❤️

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