How to make a pom pom

Learn how to make a super easy & fluffy pom pom with Pom Maker


How to make a pom pom

Learn how to make a super easy & fluffy pom pom with Pom Maker

There’s nothing so easy and comforting like making a pom pom! And dare we say making one or two balls of fluffy happiness can be made even sweeter if you make them with a delicious Donut Pom Maker.
Let’ start!

This is a very basic pom pom tutorial showing you how to use our Donut Pom Maker. In this tutorial we’ll make a casual single color pom pom that only takes a few minutes to make.

Watch the video below and/or read the photographic step by step tutorial. Don’t be fazed by the long post – the steps are really super easy! We just packed in many useful tips and essential advice.

What you need - The Basics





Follow our detailed tutorial below for making a basic pom pom with your Pom Maker


Start Wrapping!

Grab two of your four wooden half arcs, hold them back to back. Hold the yarn end as in the photo and simply start wrapping around the arc.

There’s an alternative way which is to pinch the yarn end between the wooden pieces to start with. The video shows you how.


If you want to make a dense & fluffy pompom, pull your yarn a little as you wrap and try to make a tight and neat wrap. Yarn has a slight elasticity so it will stretch a bit if you pull as you wrap, but will go back to its fluffiness in the final pompom.


If you want to wrap your pompom faster to make more pompoms in a shorter time, hold double or triple (or more) threads of yarn together and wrap.


Repeat with the other half

Repeat the same step with the other half circle.

You’re a wrap star! : )

In the video tutorial, we made about 120 + wraps on each arc, which makes a decent, easy-going fluffy pom pom.

Wrap as much as you like. Our Pom Maker can take a lot of wraps. You can even wrap each arc about 400+ times to make a very full, dense, ultimate pom pom. We’ll update with a new video showing this soon!


Put the frostings on

Put two half circles together and put your donut frosting parts on each side. Yum!


Cut your pom pom loose!

Insert the tip of your scissors and cut all the way around through the middle.


Tie & Knot

It’s important to tie your pompom as tight as possible to make a fluffy pompom. Don’t worry if you don’t get it quite right at first! You’ll get the hang of it after a few pompoms.

If you make a very full wrap, the yarn will naturally push out the donut glaze parts as you cut it. In this case, don’t let the glaze parts fall off, but hold them on until you have the yarn ready to tie it. See more in the video.


You can use a piece of the same yarn that you used to make your pompom to tie it as we do in the video. However, be aware that some yarns can break when you pull hard. Make sure to test the strength first, otherwise the yarn will break as you pull it tight – this is very bad news for your pompom as it will likely fall apart at that moment! There’s nothing worse!


You can use waxed linen thread instead of yarn. It’s very strong and prevents slipping loose if you loop it a couple of times when you tie a tight knot. It’s a game changer! See our post The best way to tie a pom pom.


Finishing touches!

Remove all of the Pom Maker parts. Roll your pom pom between your palms to even out the yarns. Trim a little bit of any irregular length yarns here and there.
You now have a new pom pom in your life, and that’s a good thing!


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