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Let’s make a cute panda pompom! If you’re not so familiar with making pompoms in a design, I recommend that you check out our eye pompom tutorial first so you can learn the basic principals with an easier design.

We’ll be making the panda with the Pom Maker, so check out our basic pompom post if you’re using your Pom Maker for the first time.

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We often get asked about using different pompom makers other than Pom Maker for our tutorials. It is possible of course, but there might be some differences and you may get different results. For example, we’re wrapping quite a lot of yarn here to make a dense pompom as Pom Maker can take a very thick layer of wraps, but you may not be able to wrap the same amount with other pompom makers. Other pompom makers may be limited to less wraps, or burst when you come to cutting if you wrap too much.

Also with Pom Maker, you can wrap each half freely with different designs, so we’ll be wrapping the face side of the panda first, and then the back side to follow as a separate part (or you can wrap each part together with a friend). This may not be doable with other makers.

It’s also possible that you’ll need to trim a lot more with other makers than you’ll be doing with Pom Maker.

The wrap counts, the final pompom size and density, how much you need to trim will vary. So take this tutorial as a guide, but know your tool : )

What you need

Panda pompom is great because you just need white yarn and some black yarn. And your Pom Maker!

In this video, we used aran weight wool yarn. The wrap count and final size of the panda can vary if you use a different weight yarn.

Before starting - The Pattern

Here’s a cool visual summary of the panda pompom. It shows you the areas you’ll be wrapping in each step below, so come back to this diagram for help if it’s mentioned in a step.

STEP 1 - Nose

Wrap 10 counts of black right in the middle, but slightly off-center of your Pom Maker, so the nose is a little bit below the center of the face.  Wrap the layers close together and on top of each other. Imagine a small circle as you do it.


Wrap some white yarn to create the face part above the nose.

Here’s a neat tip: after wrapping a few layers above the nose, place your thumb and index finger where the eyes will be, just above the nose. The shape of the finger tips give you a good idea of where to wrap the white yarn. ‘Fill’ the space around the finger tips with white yarn, as shown in the diagram.

STEP 3 - eyes

The big black patches around the eyes are what makes panda a panda! Fill in the hollow area where your finger tips were with black yarn, making a little bulging shape. See the diagram.

Wrapping 20 – 25 counts is a good guide. More yarn will make bigger eye areas. Baby pandas have smaller patches and more grown up ones have larger.

STEP 4 - the rest of the face

Now fill the rest of the face with white yarn. Wrap until the eye area is covered under a few layers of white and everywhere else has a similar amount of yarn filled in all over.

Important note here:

As you cover the eyes, you need to remember which end is the top of the head with the eyes, so we can add the ears to the correct end of the head in the next step.

Pay very close attention, or better, tie a little yarn (or anything handy) to that end of the Pom Maker so you can tell easily which end is which even when everything’s covered in white.

STEP 5 - ears

Ok, so we hope & believe you know which end is the top of the head. : ) To make the ears, place your index finger on that end and wrap black yarn over your finger, creating loose and longer wraps.

Wrap approx. 15 – 20 counts.

Step 6 - back of the head

Wrap the other half of the Pom Maker all in white. Roughly match the volume of the first half. You could have a friend help in wrapping this while you’re working on the face part!

Bring the two halves together and get your frosting on!

STEP 6 - Cut & Tie

Cut all the way around through the middle. Your panda design will now be revealed! : )

Use strong thread or yarn and tie your pompom very tight. As you can see in the video, I made a couple of loops around the Pom Maker and pulled really hard. Then pressed the loop with a finger to tie a knot.

In the video, I used waxed linen thread (used for leather work and jewelry making)

Because of the tension of the yarn, your frosting may pop out as you do this, this is normal. Just make sure you have your thread looped around between the Pom Maker pieces while keeping your frosting on.

Now take out all parts of the Pom Maker and your panda’s ready for a haircut!

STEP 6 - Trim to shape your panda

You may be happy with your round-faced panda already, but if you want to try trimming it into a more realistic shape, we have a very easy guide.

The first trimming principal is that the nose is the highest point of your panda face. So don’t trim this area at all or at least leave it untouched until the last minute when you can trim a little bit to refine it.

The second trimming principal is that the eye area needs to be trimmed low and you can cut a big chunk of yarn off this area to start with.

Then you can trim the top and side of the head into a shape resembling a trapezoid, narrowing towards the top and becoming a little flat.

Once you form this basic face shape, you can carry on trimming all over to refine your panda.

STEP 6 - Ears

Trim the ears into a shape you like.

Additionally, you can use a felting needle to bond the yarn together to keep the ears in a fixed solid looking shape. Push the felting needle through several yarns from the side.

Do this slowly and watch your fingers! The felting needle is really sharp and I can tell you from experience it hurts if you’re not careful… Wear a thimble if you have one.

STEP 6 - Finish

The rest is just continuing to refine your panda until you’re happy with it!

Trim yarns that stick out with small scissors –  especially the boundaries of the eyes and nose to create neat facial features. Again, you can use your felting needle to push through the yarns between different colors around the eyes and nose to give it better definition and keep the yarn in place.

Your panda will look different from the video even if you followed it exactly, in fact, they’ll look different every time and that’s the fun of it!

Don’t worry too much about yarn counts or the exact shape. Experiment and hope you have lots of fun making!

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  1. Livvie
    May 29, 2017 reply

    Could u show us how to make an owl pom-pom?

    1. pommaker
      July 20, 2017 reply

      We’ll be gradually adding other animals here, owl’s definitely on our list : )

  2. Cat-crazylover
    August 20, 2017 reply

    Cat pom-pom please!!!!

  3. J-me
    September 15, 2017 reply

    Well you certainly caught my eye with the Panda! Please tell me how you use the finished product. They appear a little too large to embellish a knitted item. I’m almost hooked (no pun intended) but would like more info about how you see the gorgeous pompon face used.
    I’m in Canada and assume you ship your item here?

  4. Isbel
    September 15, 2017 reply

    How much thread do you use to do this?

  5. MPaula
    September 27, 2017 reply

    How did you make the tongue? My cat sometimes sleeps with his tongue out like that. I want to make one for him.

    1. pommaker
      September 27, 2017 reply

      Haha, sounds so cute! We have a tutorial for a pompom dog where you can see how to add a tongue. Please check this > https://blog.pommaker.com/how-to-make-a-pom-pom-dog-bichon-frise/
      Have fun!

  6. MPaula
    September 27, 2017 reply

    You could use it on a key holder, a purse or jacket zipper pull or as part of a mobile. I am keen to know other uses too!

  7. Theresa
    October 7, 2017 reply

    This is so cute. Thank you for sharing.

  8. Lori J DuBois
    October 16, 2017 reply

    Where can someone buy the pompom maker?

  9. Shanny
    October 18, 2017 reply

    I tried making the panda Pom Pom, however, the eyes area didn’t look good.. can you give me more tips pls?

  10. Alcina Stucki
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    where I buy it I live in the suica and here you do not have to sell this material to make the pompom.Thanks

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