How to weave with a Pom Maker

Learn how to use the Pom Maker to create fun mini woven fabric samples

What you will need:


Follow our detailed tutorial below for weaving with the Pom Maker.

In this tutorial, we show you how the Pom Maker can be used as a mini loom! 

Using different yarn types, you can create a wide variety of woven fabrics. Then get creative with the samples, they can then be used for bracelets, straps, bookmarks or try adding them to your pompom designs for a cute combo, such as a keyring. 

You’ll be surprised with this Pom Maker hack – it takes a little getting used to it, but it’s a  fun activity with very satisfying results. 


Yarn selection

Start by selecting a yarn to be the warp (vertical threads) of your woven piece. We are using a yarn with a DK weight.

Cut two equal lengths, we use roughly 40~50 cms each, this will dictate the length of your woven fabric.


Setting up the weave

Place the yarn across your Pom Maker and fix it in place by tying the ends together using the wax thread, repeat this for the second set of wooden bars. The tied section will be positioned at the bottom.

Make sure the wax threads are tight enough to keep the warp taut but you are still able to pull on the warp yarns as you extend the piece later on.


Starting to weave

Choose your second yarn, this will be for the weft (horizontal yarn in the weave) cut a length of roughly 60cms. 

This yarn will be the more visible of the two, so color selection here is important!

Begin creating Row 1 by threading the needle over the warp yarn and under it from right to left using the following pattern: over-under-over-under. 

For Row 2 you will repeat this but in the opposite pattern to Row 1 so it will be: under-over-under-over.



Next repeat Row 1 followed by Row 2 multiple times.

Keep the weft yarn a consistent tension and push it upwards using your tapestry needle, to avoid gaps and keep the weave neat.


Rotating the weave

Carry on repeating until you reach the second set of wooden bars. Carefully unhook the top warp loops of yarn, turn the sample around push the yarn to the top.

Then replace the bottom loops on the second set of wooden bars, this will be the new direction you continue to weave the rest of the sample in.


Extending the weave

Once the loops have been put back on the Pom Maker, you can pull the weave to extend the warp threads. 

Then keep on weaving but this time using the back of your Pom Maker using your thumb to hold the woven fabric in place.


Extending the weave

Pull through more warp yarn when needed in order to keep extending the weave and to adjust the position so that you are weaving over the hole of the Pom Maker.



When you have woven the fabric to your required length, take the fabric off the Pom Maker and readjust the weft to get rid of any unwanted gaps.

Fasten the ends by taking off the wax threads and either tying the warp yarns together or with a new piece of yarn to bind them

Sew any loose ends into the back of the fabric. 

Your mini weave is done!


Examples with different yarns

Here are some examples of using different types of yarns to achieve alternate effects.

The mini weaves can be super versatile, use them for; bracelets, bag or camera straps, attaching pompoms or even combine several to make a bigger piece for little a wall hanging, for example.


Happy weaving & don’t forget to share with #WeArePomMakers. We love to see your creations!

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