How to make an eyeball pompom sweater

Fun & Easy pompom Halloween costume idea


How to make an eyeball pompom sweater

Fun & easy Halloween costume idea

It’s time to party, in your very own Eyeball couture! 

In this tutorial, we show you how to firstly make pompom Eyeballs and then how to attach them to your outfit.

Pompom lovers, try making your own unique, unearthly pompom costume for this halloween.


What you will need:

•Pom Makers

For this look, we used the Extra Small, Small, and Medium Pom Makers.
You can use a combination of different sizes as it adds to the quirky style of the costume.
Please see our pompom size guide for help when estimating the size of your pompom Eyeballs.


Choose your main base color for the Eyeballs- we stuck to different shades of grey but any darker colors work well here. We recommend 100% Wool Aran weight.

You’ll also need small amounts of various brightly colored yarn for each iris, go as bold as you like! White yarn for the whites of the eye and black yarn for the pupils.

•Large sewing needle

•A felting needle

•Pom Pom Scissors

Ideally large scissors for cutting the pompom and a small pair for some precise trimming (optional)

•Waxed Thread


To attach the Eyeball to the sweater

•Chalk or pin

•A sweater

Can be any item of clothing that you don’t mind stitching into


Follow our tutorial below for making a pompom Eyeball jumper


Making the Eyeballs

Watch the tutorial below and follow along – to create your collection of pompom Eyeballs.

See our original eye pompom tutorial for diagrams and more detailed tips. 



Now you should have a pile of pompom Eyeballs! 

Give them an overall check and a trim, to make sure they are nicely spherical and that the detail of the eye is felted into place – using the felting needle.



Lie your sweater (or other garment) on a flat surface. Then place the pompoms all over it until you are happy with the positioning.

Think about where your arms will go etc so that you are not concealing pompoms. Also, check the overall look has a good balance. 

More layout ideas are at the bottom of this post. 

Using the chalk or pin, mark the position for each pompom.


Attaching the Eyeballs

Thread your needle with yarn. 

On the sweater, find the position marked with chalk or a pin. Thread the yarn from inside of the jumper and out through to the front.

Now take a pompom and find the center. Take the yarn through the centre of the pompom, from the backside of the eyeball. 


A pompom tends to drop on its own weight, so  go higher up on the top of the Eyeball so that when you put the sweater on, the Eyeball is looking out rather than down. This is especially helpful for the larger,  heavier pompoms.

See the drawings on the left. 



Fixing in place

Thread the end of the yarn through the jumper again, so that both ends of yarn are on the reverse side.

Tie the ends together. Make two tight knots to make sure the Eyeball stays in place!

Repeat this until you have attached all the pompom Eyeballs.


Finishing up

If the Eyeballs became misshapen from handling, give them a bit more trim.

Your sweater may now be covered in fibers, you can use some tape or a lint roller to give it a quick clean-up.


Yay, you are finished, time to party Halloween-style!

Here are some ideas...

A few different Eyeball arrangements.

How about attaching pompom Eyeballs to other types of clothing e.g a skirt. Or even making some accessories e.g a headband or jewelry.

Happy pompoming & don’t forget to share with #WeArePomMakers or tag us on Instagram.

We love to see your creations!

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